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Consulting and Strategy Services

CLM assists clients with pharmacy regulatory processes that are crucial to safeguard patients and the effective provision of life-saving medications and pharmacist care.  CLM’s proven relationships with regulators opens productive interactions to understand and address regulatory processes to manage costs and allow for the recognition of new and innovative business models.  
With regulatory expertise that spans all areas of pharmacy, CLM’s regulatory consultants apply up-to-date and robust regulatory intelligence to answer any regulatory question and support your strategies.


Regulatory Solutions

CLM’s experience and expertise in pharmacy and pharmacy regulation uniquely qualify our firm to help our clients understand compliance and regulatory inquiries.

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Expert Witness Services

CLM consultants are qualified as experts in federal and state criminal and civil trials regarding pharmacy regulation and practice. 

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Licensure Solutions

CLM and its affiliated entities have secured and managed thousands of initial licensure applications, renewals, controlled substances registrations, and pre-licensure inspections.

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Accreditation and Supply Chain Integrity

CLM is affiliated with Real Solutions Group (RSG) and Pharmacy Management Consultants (PMC) to offer comprehensive licensure services. 

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